Google Analytics Data Processing Agreement Gdpr

This means that if your website processes visitors` personal data using cookies and trackers, you must obtain clear and affirmative consent before that date. Therefore, if you use Google Analytics and call or serve users in the EU or the EEA, it is your responsibility as data manager to ensure that your use of Google Analytics complies with the requirements of the RGPD. If you don`t change these default settings, you agree to Google processing your visitors` data for your own purposes. For example, for the performance criteria of comparable websites and for the improvement of other Google products and services. Thus, Google no longer acts only as your transformer, but also as a data manager and is therefore responsible. In this case, on behalf of Google, you must obtain permission from visitors to process personal data with scan cookies. There is also a question of data possession. Google uses data from Google Analytics to improve their services. The information that users collect on the platform is shared with users of other Google products, such as.B.: In recent years, Google Analytics customers have asked us to offer data processing agreements that clarify how analytics is stored, used and backed up.

In response to this request, we look forward to google Analytics customers in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland (…) You also plan to launch a new user removal tool, which will allow Google Analytics users to manage the deletion of all data related to a single user (for example. B site visitors). Details will soon be available on the Google Developers website. That`s why the best option is to disable data sharing. But then you lose access to many features, including integrations with Google Ads products and demographic reports. Even if you don`t want to process personal data, there`s a catch. Google Analytics saves each user with a unique identifier. With this identifier, Google Analytics gives you an overview of the number of people who visit your website and how many of them are coming back, for example. These online identifiers are considered personal data according to the RGPD. The IP address is a personal data defined in the RGPD.

By default, IP addresses are never made available in coverage, but Google uses them to provide geolocation data. The RGPD offers EEA residents (“persons concerned”) several fundamental rights, one of which is the right to complete information: the persons concerned have the right to know what personal data they collect and how it is used or used. Want to learn more about personal data and personal data? Download them:PII, personal data, or both? The helpful Cheat Sheet Cookiebot`s plug-and-play consent solution organizes your website`s cookies into four simple cookie categories that your users can turn on or off before processing personal data. This type of agreement between Google and website operators was until now only available in German for German website operators. The agreement (also “Data Processing Amendment to the Google Analytics Terms of Service”) can be found here exclusively in English, but according to Google`s press release, other translations may follow: The collection of analytical data requires compliance with data protection rules such as the RGPD. Content Marketer and Social Media Specialist at Piwik PRO. An experienced writer who takes up complex themes of data protection – the RGPD and makes them understandable to all.