Hire Purchase Agreement In Sinhala

16. Tenant rights in case of withdrawal of goods by the landlord. (c) “net cash price” for goods included in a lease agreement, the cash price of these goods, which must be indicated in the lease agreement referred to in section 3, point b), net of the deposits covered in paragraph (b) of this subsection; 1. Before entering into a lease-sale agreement for a commodity, the owner, unlike the contract, must share with the potential tenant a price at which the goods can be purchased for cash (in this section called “cash price”) with respect to defects that the owner could not reasonably have known about at the time of the agreement; 2. A landlord is not authorized to claim a tenancy agreement or guarantee contract in connection with the contract or a right to recover the goods from the tenant, and no guarantee from the tenant about the money to be paid under the tenancy agreement or the money to be paid under the guarantee contract is enforceable against the tenant or the holder of the deposit. , unless the requirement in the first paragraph has been met and – 3. If the tenant has expressly communicated to the landlord, in writing or implicitly, the specific purpose for which the goods are necessary, there is an implied condition that the goods are appropriate for that purpose. This article seeks to examine the tenant`s rights under Section 16, paragraph 6, point b) of the Sri Lankan Consumer Credit Act No.29 of 1982 (as amended) in the context of leases used in Sri Lanka. (1) There is an implied condition in each lease agreement – ( 5) When the goods are sold by description as part of a lease-purchase agreement, there is an implied condition that the goods fit the description; if the goods are sold under the agreement by reference to a sample and by description, it is not enough for most of the goods to match the sample if the goods do not fit the description. (iv) the amount to be paid, if any, as installation costs, which is defined in the agreement and included in the rental price; 7. Tenant`s right to buy at any time with discounts.

(f) “legal royalties” for a lease, i.e. the amount calculated in accordance with paragraph 2. (a) the agreement is concluded and signed by the tenant and by or on behalf of all other parties to the agreement; (d) “net rental costs” with respect to a freight lease, the difference between the net rental price and the net price of those goods; 8. The right of the tenant to terminate the contract at any time. (d) a copy of the agreement is served or sent to the tenant within 14 days of the end of the contract. 4. If the goods are leased or agreed as part of a sample-referenced lease agreement, the provisions of this Act apply to all leases entered into Sri Lanka after this Act comes into force.