Service Level Agreement Google Translate

Provides subflows and actions to dynamically translate user-entered text and recognize the language of the text using the Google translation service. Google Translate API supports dozens of languages. Recognize the language of a document and translate it using a RESTful API. This saliva uses the GoogleTranslation alias set (sn_google_trans. GoogleTranslation) to allow actions. Service Level (SL) quantifies the percentage of calls (X%) that were answered during a target period (typically in Y seconds). Service levels should be measured in half-hour or hour-per-hour steps and reported on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, based on the requirements of the order. This metric does not apply to calls that are fully ordered or cancelled in the RIV or in an automated telephone exchange. The average response speed (ASA) determines how quickly a call is answered by a direct CALL to CSR during a target period, between the date the call enters the ACD system and the response to the call.

ASA values should be measured in half-hour or hourly steps and reported on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, based on the requirements of the task order. The Google Cloud Translator Service spoke offers integration actions into the Google translation service. Among the actions available are: Since Cloud Endpoints is supported by App Engine, you don`t need to wait for servers, no load compensation you need to worry about, and the same fast and painless scale. Like app Engine and our other cloud services, you only pay for what you use. The Google Cloud Translator Service spoke provides subflows in the Published state to integrate into the Google Translation Service. These subflows can be used in other subflows and flows. Google services are designed to work together. Use Google BigQuery results or check out records up to 2.5 GB of Cloud Storage to create a forecast model.

Use the prediction API directly from google App Engine. Limited use is free for the first six months. In addition, the prediction API`s understandable pricing was accompanied by a service level agreement with 99.9% availability. As with other cloud products, you pay for what you use. The number of callers who complain about call center service, expressed as a percentage of all calls, as documented by call center tickets for tickets on a case-by-case basis. (Repeated complaints about the same incident are not considered an additional incident.) Failure by the Contractor to comply with an SLA results in credit as lump sum damages and not as a penalty on the monthly fees to be paid by the State during the month of the infringement. Discounts will be cumulative for each missed service request. The State may, at its option, deduct the money to be paid to the contractor for the amount due to the State as lump sum damages or invoice it as a separate item to the contractor. As a result of a catastrophic failure affecting the entire system, all affected SLAs are credited to the state. In no case may the sum of all SLA credits paid to the State during a calendar month exceed 10% of the monthly fee. Google Translate allows you to dynamically translate text between thousands of language pairs.

With the Google Translate API, websites and programs can be integrated into Google Translate….