Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form

Participation in the program is voluntary. Parents/facilitators are not required to join, but must provide all necessary textbooks and resources to students if they decide not to join the program. The SNS helps parents find these resources. Because of its significant purchasing power, the school can buy resources at lower prices. Resources, such as textbooks or musical instruments used over a period of time, are leased to students to further reduce costs for families. Participation in the SRS also provides parents with a convenient way to get the items their child needs for school and ensures that all students have access to the same resources. If you opt for the SNS, your participation will be accepted for the remainder of your child`s registration, unless you inform the school by completing a new participation agreement form. If you are a new parent of the school, this information will help you decide whether or not you want to participate in the SNS. Our school offers all students a student resource system (SRS). For more information, see link to the different SRS and Booklist forms.

Please fill out the forms (one form per student) and return them if you are joining the program for the first time or if you are unsubscribing. SRS forms are valid for the duration of the student`s registration. The Student Resource Scheme has been implemented to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to support their educational needs. It is also designed as a convenience for parents/guardians to offer a more economical option for purchasing resources and textbooks each year. The program does not cover students` personal needs, such as stationery, stationery and other consumables. The Queensland Government supports children`s education by providing funds for education (teachers), schools (school grounds and buildings, internet) and administration (staff who run the school). School funding does not cover individual student resources, such as textbooks, equipment for personal use, and many items used by the student in the classroom. Download the PDF of the procedure via the link below. An uncontrolled copy.

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