Tribute Agreement Zimbabwe

In addition, the RPF`s payment practices have contributed to the closure of the mining industry, so that many sites remain open to the intervention of artisanal miners. Many of Zimbabwe`s largest gold producers have stopped producing in some or all of their mines, based on underpayment. [fn] Telephone interview with the Crisis Group, representative of the mining company, May 7, 2020. See also “RioZim stops gold production,” op. Quote; “Metallon`s debt-laden Shamva, Mazowe mines put into corporate rescue,” NewZWire, 27 February 2020; and Per Chiurayi, “Precautionary Statement,” RioZim Limited, 15 June 2020.Hide Footnote These companies have also filed lawsuits against the reserve bank over lost revenue due to payments in part to Zimbabwean dollars and late payments that they claim to be selective and motivated by corruption. [fn]”Metallon Corporation is suing the Government of Zimbabwe for $132 million for non-payment of gold,” Metallon Corporation, May 16, 2019. See also Antony Sguazzin and Loni Prinsloo, “Goldminer is suing Zimbabwe`s central bank for not paying in dollars,” News 24, 17 May 2019.Hide Footnote The government has previously announced a policy “use it or lose it” for inoperable mines: either companies take over mining for ore ore or lose their license for that mine. [fn] Interviews with the Crisis Group, Head of The Government of Zimbabwe, Civil Society Representatives, Harare, 8 March 2020. See also “Zimbabwe to impose the “Use or Let Go” policy for mining facilities, Reuters, 13 November 2019,Hide Footnote This policy has not yet been applied to a gold producer, although mining companies see the possibility as a lever for them. [fn] Crisis Group Telephone interview, representative of the mining company, 18 June 2020.Hide Footnote Artisanal Miners, for its part, express their frustration at the lack of implementation of this policy while the mines are slowing down. They took matters into their own hands and occupied (partly) a number of industrial mines, some of which were not in operation, but others were operating. [fn] Mines include Eureka, Gaika, Giant, Geelong, Globe and Phoenix, Jumbo, River, Pickstone Peerless, Tiger Reef, Venice and Hikers. Crisis Group talks, representatives of artisanal miners, Harare, 9 March 2020; Zimbabwean government official, Kwekwe, 18 March 2020.

Judgment in “Lescaut Investments (PVT) LTD and Breckridge Investments (PVT) LTD versus Danangwe District Youth Mined Cooperative Society and Minister of Mines and Mining Development,” High Court of Zimbabwe, July 10, 2018 and July 25, 2018.