Uni Konstanz Erasmus Learning Agreement

The Erasmus+ programme consists of specialised agreements (inter-institutional agreements) between the different disciplines of the partner universities and the University of Konstanz. The University of Konstanz is your contact for the organisation and financing of your stay – you do not have to apply to the European Commission or the DAAD. Erasmus+ specialist coordinators establish contacts between partner higher education institutions. You can find out about the different partner universities, their current application procedures and the situation of accommodation on site, as well as help you contact former participants in the exchange, etc. For this reason, the specialist coordinators are also responsible for appointing students for exchanges at partner universities. The International Office coordinates the exchanges of the departments, informs the departments and students of the Erasmus+ programme and manages the funds of the programme. If there are “remaining” places, the International Office can help you find a suitable match: please contact your insurance agency in time for more information. Statutory health insurers have agreements in the EU (e.g.B EHIC – European Health Insurance Card). If you wish to extend your Erasmus+ stay, you should contact erasmus@uni-konstanz.de by e-mail as soon as possible. Your one-semester stay may be extended for an additional semester, provided that your learning agreement is adapted accordingly and that your host school and technical coordinator in Konstanz support the extension. As long as funds are available, you can also extend your funding term. Instead of creating institutes, the university was designed with departments and working groups (smaller than usual), with an emphasis on the development of teaching through research. In order to more easily cross the boundaries between scientific subjects and infrastructure, the Anglo-Saxon concept of the campus university has been adapted, which has made it possible to easily access and centralize the administration and service providers such as the canteen and the library.

Reform measures included the transformation of traditional learning and teaching materials, such as lectures into seminars or tutors. The implementation of these new measures has resulted in the use of course-related performance evaluations. [citation needed] #wirbleibeninternational – Ann-Sophie is writing today from Menaggio, Italy, where she is doing an internship. Moreover, your internship is funded by Erasmus +. Here is the link for all interested: www.uni-konstanz.de/…/praktikum-in-europa-mit-eras…/ From one lake to another – Da lago a lago For my internship abroad, I am from Constance to Lake Constance to Menaggio to Lake Como. I sent the application in September 2019, that is, in front of Corona, and I took the origin.. 1996, 1994, 1994, 1994, 1995, 1995. .