What Is An Ipa Agreement

Tasks under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act are initiated by the administration. The evolution of the proposed allocation should be controlled by management. Benefits to the federal agency and the non-federal organization are the main considerations in launching contracts; not the personal wishes or needs of a single employee. The assignment is voluntary and must be agreed by the staff member. The regulations stipulate that an assignment must be implemented by a written agreement. The objective of amending the PPI should be added to the basis for the allocation of mobility on page 2, part 6, section 21 of the agreement. The validity dates for the different amounts must be shown on page 2, box 23. Details will be covered by the permanent employer leave system. The transfer agreement defines how the permanent employer is informed of the leave and how the leave is allowed. The agreement also defines the attorney`s public holidays. It is Georgia Tech`s policy to use an Interagency Personnel Act (IPA) to end local federal state cooperation through the temporary award of Georgia Academic Tech and the Faculty of Research, to help government authorities engage skills that meet a national need in political advice and training in the field of the faculty scholarship. , or to acquire new research perspectives or perspectives.

Georgia Tech encourages the faculty to take into account the IPA service when such a service is consistent with the Institute`s mission. A contract may be terminated at any time at the request of the federal or state authority, tribal government, higher education institution or any other organization participating in the program. Where possible, the party terminating the assignment before the agreed date should notify the other parties of a 30-day delay in advance and a statement of reasons. Minor changes, such as a salary increase due to annual wage adjustments, benefit changes resulting from revised insurance coverage and very short-term changes to customs duties, do not require changes to the original agreement (see expenses in excess of the permitted amount).